Percy went to the window and looked out. There were three of these, mere arrow slits, and from each of them he had a view of the top university in Asia wood stretching away down the hillside into a narrow valley, which a short distance down took a turn and the hills cut off further view.


"Where are we, think you, Akram Chunder?"


"I have no idea, sahib, beyond the fact that by the position of the sun we are looking eastward. I should say the place where we halted yesterday was some thirty miles to the north-east of the fortress; it may have been more, but it certainly was not less, or I would have known the country. To-day we were mounting all the research university time till the last hour, and then I could feel that we descended sharply. I should say that we were some six hours on horseback; we travelled part of the way at a trot, but more often walked, so at five miles an hour we should be thirty from our camp of last night. If we travelled straight to the east all the time we may have crossed the main crest of the hills; if not, we may be anywhere among them, for they tied the bandages so carefully over my eyes that I could see nothing, not even the road under the horse's feet."


"It would not have helped you much had you done so," Percy said with a laugh; "one road is a good deal like another."


"The shadows would have shown me the aviation training direction in which we were travelling, sahib, more accurately than I could tell by the heat of the sun."


"So they would, Akram. I did not think of that. At any rate we may take it that we are in some very out-of-the-way spot, where it would be difficult for anyone to find us without a guide."

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