Human life

Human life is like to catch a feast of flowers, flower, the clouds. Some people just caught, ecstatic, as a gem, especially treasure. Walking in the Feng Yuqiao, carrying the sun, hope spring, sigh the vast land, Lai Feng in April, in the kingdom of flowers, walk to go for an outing, a flower sigh, for a song and sorrow, don't talk about stars, love no moon, wouldn't it be better.

Remember this sentence, in the tens of millions of people meet people you've met, in the tens of millions of people, time boundless wilderness, no early step, no later step, happened to catch up. There is no other words to say, only gently asked a sentence: "Oh, are you here too? "How much of the story, the mysterious fate encounter; heavy. Who can forget those who meet, fragrant, those who care! Maybe sometimes remember a person without reason, sometimes about a person does not need any reason. Love, love, miss, recorded in the brain, often Fanshai; hidden in the heart, always miss.

Dim view of downtown, between heaven and earth recover a bit quiet. An encounter with a flower, let me hard to forget. I fell in love with the quiet spring, the campus is quiet, quiet night. A person alone, walk in the path was full of cherry blossoms, the wind, a Dong Xiao Flute Ensemble, gently come, gently away, sometimes as if the high mountain and flowing water, sometimes like the legend of the butterfly lovers. Those troubles, can not endure this night, those memories, has emerged in the years under the sky. Sit in the kiosk, looked at the blossoms dancing, watching silently time inch mobile and disappeared, the moon came out, also do not want to return to God.

A lot of things I don't know, many scenes had to die. The flowers in the morning also was so delicate and charming, perching birds, butterflies. Today, the moon came out, full of confidence into the flowers, but only a litter stray fragments, perhaps a after the spring rain, scattered into the mud, everything began to silence, no words, and began a life of brewing. The vast sea of humanity, especially, have wonderful past, find it difficult to tear apart love, met, don't let go. Because once gone, will be nowhere to be found, no place to wait.

Bringing a moonlight faint now. The whole world are full of mystery, lying in the sky, looked at the Quartet, thinking quietly, quietly recalled, the April, with flowers on campus, the April warms one spring.

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