Amelia did not immediately answer my singapore data sim question, but continued to laugh like one in high spirits. "He wa'ant come fur!" she repeated; and after we had gone on, it may have been a mile or two, I stopped and listened again, and this time there were no following footsteps.


"Now we must ride quick," said the maid.


"How! what use will it be?" I Neo skin lab asked almost angrily. "Clement's horse will be as good as either of yours."


"Iss, but his hoss is drunk!" laughed Amelia.


"Drunk?" I cried.


"Iss, drunk. When I zeed you go into the kitchen, and tried to git into a row weth Maaster Clement, I minded a trick I once seed Neo skin lab at Endellion Church town. So I tould the chap that took your 'osses to draw me a gallon of beer. He axed me questions 'bout et, but I knawed 'ow to git over 'ee."


"And did the horse drink it?"


"Drink et! I shud think he ded. He wos thusty and sooped up every drap. Aw I shud like to see un now;" and the maid laughed again.


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