The Gift

Welcome to The Gift - a simple pattern that is both ancient as well as modern, with a thousand and one uses, that can make the world a different place for you, for the people you love, for the people you don't love, and for those who you haven't even met yet.


It may be that the act of giving Partition Panels The Gift can make changes at a far wider level too; as more and more minds become involved in this wonderful process, we might well have the opportunity to permanently influence matters on a profound plane of reality.


Having worked professionally with ielts exam Energy Therapies for many years, I am very aware that we receive far more information and insight about the nature of reality around us than we could consciously ever understand, or evaluate, or even respond to.


Much of this information is invisible - but you can still feel it and it certainly has the power to make you happy and bright, or to bring you down; it is this information or knowledge that makes the hair on your neck rise on entering specific buildings; that gives you a strange feeling in the pit of your stomach before the telephone has even rang, and that accounts for "gut level responses" to people, situations, proposals and ideas.


When you are engaged with another in any kind of healing relationship, and this could be both as a professional therapist or just listening to a friend who is in trouble and you are trying to help them somehow, both you and I have hair treatment the power to help in a most profound way - if only we knew how to transfer our invisible and unspoken understandings into action in some way.

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  1. alexisclark

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    March 29, 2017