The Magic of Breathing

So, what is magic? Is it an illusion or is it real? The Webster's dictionary describes magic as "The art of producing affects by one way car rental superhuman means; Any mysterious power, ex: the magic of love. Producing extraordinary results, as if by magic". Miracles are made from the same stuff as magic. They defy explanation by the rational logical mind.


When we talk about magic, we are not talking about turning rocks into gold or parting the dead sea? It could be an amazing happening but, Unique Beauty it is often very subtle and quiet. Breathwork sessions, those of your clients as well as yourself. Here, we have all seen magic happening at one point or another. Something wonderful, unseen and miraculous happens in just the right moment and in just the right way. Healing happens and life is dramatically changed. This is magic.


What is the magic you want for Unique Beauty yourself? What do you feel is beyond your ability to create in your life? What seems beyond your control? How do you start creating magic right now? today? There are several components that are important to embrace?


Have an "awareness" that everything is energy.

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