they leave the moral

Flowers floating lotus naked

Time is like a dyed the pen, you see, that only brown yellow paint colour pen is for all of this, she blacked out does not belong to this season's lotus petals, in this way, as the wind, they with grateful thoughts and drifting into the distance... But never thought, that has been hidden in the lotus petals Indus. They look so lovely, let me think of "rain". We formation touristique take a shower with me ever scan them, something like a small eyes above, what they seem to be devout praying, gazing at the sky, jiao tender and send to the infinite daydream. Flowers floating lotus naked, take away is good, is hope, time church petals tolerance and love, they leave the moral integrity of silt don't dye to the generation after generation.

Nature has given us numerous revelation, but we did Google SEO not use it to look for light. S of our lives, should have the feelings like lotus root from person to person. We like from the same womb doll, why can't we have selfless love nature? Harmonious shengshi to is harmonious, want is tolerance, is to try to soft. Tell the lotus root, is a free and easy in olden days, depicts the fragrance mountains full of generous, rendering is the vast blue waves, white, left to their own is the seed of a covered with mud, and Benz amg enlightenment to the human, is just what we're "harmonious shengshi".

I think that one thousand lotus root silk, knead wrapped in ten thousand people's happiness.

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    January 27, 2017