What Is Your Legacy?

During a recent speech, I told the audience that my mission was to empower the self-employed to succeed. Instantly a hand shot up in the audience. "What's your definition of success?" I smiled to myself -- I love it when they ask this question!


There are as many definitions of success Load Balancing as there are self employed people. Success could be "hitting my financial goals," or "becoming a nationally-known speaker." But I challenge you to add one more component to your definition of success: What will you leave behind reenex as your lasting legacy?


Every single one of us leaves a legacy. Your very existence has an impact on the world whether you intend it or not. So, how do you want to be remembered?


Ask yourself, "If I died today ..."


What would I want people to say about me?

How have I helped other people?

Have I done my best, given my all?

Did my life have meaning and purpose?

Working towards a legacy in dermes both your business and personal life keeps you motivated and performing at your peak. It gives a higher purpose to your life and work. Your work has an edge and energy because you're no longer just "doing work," you're building a legacy. Above all, it helps you share the fullest of what you are. And that's what I call Success!

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